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Muslims Tell Employer to bow down to Islam, Company Has 3Word

Over 200 Muslim employees at a meat-packaging plant in Colorado walked out of their jobs to protest. The Muslims demanded to have dedicated breaks to prayer. The company refused and told the protesters “you’re all fired.” (via Denver Post)

The company asked their employees to return to their jobs, and the vast majority refused. As a result, over 190 Muslims were fired from the plant.

The Muslim employees were told they were free to use their breaks to pray just like any other employee.

That was not good enough. The company even provided a room of reflection where they allowed people of all faiths to pray on their own time. The Muslims wanted special treatment, and were fired over their demands.

The company previously granted Muslims time to pray during their shifts, but they found their production capacity was severely hindered. The plant is an assembly line and cannot accommodate the shutdown for prayer.

The employees of the meat-packaging plant are unionized, but the Muslim employees did not stage their protest through the union; instead, they called in the Council of Islamic Relations to negotiate on their behalf.

The employees did not warn their employer of the impending strike and walked off the line without notice, causing severe financial damage. The company had no choice but to fire them.

Many of the fired Muslim employees are now begging for their jobs back, while the Islamic council continues to negotiate with the company of their behalf. The company refuses to capitulate and will simply hire less demanding employees who are more willing to work.

The liberal media has coddled our Muslim immigrants into believing that they deserve special treatment. Their unrealistic demands were rightfully shut down by the company. The meat packager was already going above and beyond to accommodate their Muslim employees and finally decided enough was enough.

There are many unemployed Americans who would be happy to replace these ungrateful Muslims and work without special extra breaks.

Muslims need to understand that in America, all people are treated equally, no one receives special treatment, and everyone is expected to contribute their fair share.


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  1. The real problem is what nasty thing they maybe doing with the meat they touch..The company needs to hold there ground.this is too much they workers need to REALIZE that a job is a PRIVILAGE not a obligation.THEY NEED TO FOLLOW THE UNION RULES AS ALL OTHERS DO! THEIR BELIEFES ARE NO! GREATER THAN ANY OTHERS…NO SHERIA LAW IN USA..ASSIMULATE NOT DICTATE

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